To Apply:

You must be aged Aged 18+, and sizes 12-34 (American Sizes).

Please email us the following:

6 or more photos of yourself that are large and clear.

Please include the name you go by, eye color, size, height, shoe size, gender you identify as, age, and email address.

Include any photographer credits that you have although professional photos are not required. 

You must have photographer permission to be published by us before sending in your photos. 

We do watermark and edit photos that are sent to us. 

By sending them to us you are giving us permission to do so.



NO photos with other people in them.


Selfie sticks and tripods are accepted.

Email all to:

You can send new/extra photos at any time after being accepted for us to promote you with. 

Please always include your modeling name in each and every email to us. Thank you!

The more you participate in the Ample Angelz, the more you get out of it. The more photos you send in, the more you will get published and updated on our sites. The more you post and share about us, the more we post and share about you. We have quite a big community of followers and fans as we originally started in 2008. We take a Sabbatical every few years to refresh the company, but we always have the same name, the same quality and the same purpose which is to promote plus size beauty, and to help models and model hopefuls get known in the modeling world.

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